L'art du Chandelier

• derived from Latin’s candēre, meaning to glow or shine, L’art du Chandelier, describes an artisan’s genuine dedication to the art of candle making.

SDB CANDLE CO. is dedicated to L'art du Chandelier, the true artistry of candle making, and offers a premium brand of the finest-quality, clean, and artisanal candles, whose fragrant glow luxuriously fills any space with love and joy.

Take a moment for yourself, and enjoy the centuries-long ritual of lighting a candle. The soft glow of each handcrafted candle is crafted to evoke an aromatic experience that inspires gratitude, beckons relaxation, summons joy, and invites you to feel truly loved.

Tu es aimé

Our candles are inspired by our far-reaching travels around the globe. Drawing upon our memories of the world in all of its unsurpassed beauty, we invite you to experience the delight of a global journey, which is contained in each candle we pour.

SDB CANDLE CO. was created by Scott Brown, who while traveling the world discovered his passion for luxury candles, which are perfectly perfumed by a fine fragrance—delicate in its depth. Committed to the true art of candle making, Scott is devoted to delivering a clean, natural candle product, which is handcrafted with the finest ingredients, sustainably sourced from all over the world.

Tu es aimé • You Are Loved 

Having fallen in love with the finest aromas and candle making traditions across the globe, Scott hopes to foster a feeling of being loved in you with every candle that he creates. To help spread our love, we believe in giving back to our community, and the environment. Our initiative donates a portion of every purchase to a different non-profit organization each quarter. Contact us to hear more about how we can work together.

Fabrication de bougies

Contemporary objects of design, whose sleek, minimalistic glass vessels embody modern elegance, our candles reflect our commitment to creating distinctive candles that will move you, as they take you on an extravagant sensory journey. 

Fabrication de bougies

Each small-batch candle is handcrafted, from start to finish, in the artisanal candle making tradition. We are committed to responsible sustainability in our raw materials and use only clean, trustworthy, and pure ingredients in every candle we create:

• 100% soy wax
• Exclusive phthalate-free fragrance
• Cotton wicks for optimal burning
• Beautiful and reusable vessels
• Ecofriendly 100% paper packaging - reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable 

la capitale mondiale des parfums

All the fragrances are intricately formulated, crafted, and produced with thoughtfully-selected, fragrances and essential oils by Master Perfumers—in Grasse, France—“la capitale mondiale des parfums,” (the world capital of perfumes). 

SDB CANDLE CO. signature fragrances are both delicate and complex, whose intricate, layered aromas are reminiscent of today’s most sought after and upscale perfumes. With opulent scents, derived from the most exclusive of sources, our candles represent the world-class luxury quested after by any genuine lover of fine fragrance.  Each of our fragrances arouse shared memories of our favorite places around the globe, as well as express our fondest lifetime experiences and travels, through the dreamy essence of scent.